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How to read a Book | 5 Effective ways to read a book

Do you want to read a book in an effective way, then you are on the right path. We will discuss in this article how to choose the right book and how it read and how quickly to get the point that you want to acquire. Let’s dive into this journey. Whenever you need a grocery item, you don’t go to the hardware shop, you definitely go to the grocery shop, and specific shelf, you don’t go to see all the shelves, the books are also is the same example, you have to go to the particular category, and specific chapter, and read whatever you want to acquire the knowledge.

  1. Choose a right Book

What do you want to read? Ask this question to yourself. Do you want to read a Fiction Book or a Non-Fiction book, in which category of books do you want to read? First decide, and then purchase the specific book, if it’s non-fiction and you want to read it quickly, don’t read it line-by-line. We will discuss this in detail later in this article.

  1. Write down what do you want from this book

When the book is in your hand, before reading it, write down your goal in bullet points that you want to achieve from this book. When you write down your points then go to the next point.

  1. Go to the specific chapter

When you have a book in your hand and you have a goal that you want to acquire this knowledge from this book, then open the content of the book, find the relative chapter that is belonging to your goal. It could be one chapter, maybe multiple, figure out them. And Go to that specific chapter, read it specifically, and stick to your goal points.

  1. Make your own notes

When you read the specific chapter, or during the reading, whatever is easy for you, write some notes with your own language in your diary. That will help you to memorize and to write a review.

  1. Right, a review of the book

Once you have finished the book, you must write a review, why? Because it will push your mind to memorize what you gained from the book. You can write a review with the help of your notes. And also it will safe for a long time, next time you don’t need to read the whole book again, just open your review and your mind memorize it.

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