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How to become a writer? 8 Easy steps of writing an article?

Writing is really amazing art. When you dive into it, you feel happy and motivated. If you follow these 8 steps, you will be a good writer. You can create a good theme for your audience. In this article, we will guide you with 8 easy and basic steps about how to become a writer? We will also touch them in detail.

  1. Category

The first step in this journey is to define your category, in which category you want to write? you want to write about travel, education, health, motivation, etc. When you know that you are interested in this field and you can write something about it, then you have to move to the next step.

  1. Topic

After choosing a category, the next step is to write a topic, the good suggestion is to try to write a precise topic that will help your audience to understand the theme of your article, and a topic showcases your whole article. So, keep in mind that it must be attractive.

  1. Research, Read, and Notes

In this step, you have to do hard work. You have to find out the material related to your category and particularly to your title. For this purpose, you can get help from the internet, from books, from your teachers, mentors, etc. You can read research articles, you can read blogs, you can read books, and also you can watch YouTube video which is related to your goal. Also, write notes in your diary that will help you in writing the main article.

  1. Start writing

Now, you have a category, you have a title, and you have related data, so start writing. Write whatever comes into your mind, don’t judge by wrong or right, just write it. Don’t break your flow of writing. Whenever you finished your writing, then you have more steps for making it stronger and more attractive, so don’t worry.

  1. Review

After writing your article, this step is really very important. Before that, you have written as it is as your mind said, but now read it carefully, and highlight points, lines, words, paragraphs that you feel needs to be changed.

  1. Edit

As you highlighted points in the above step, edit them with correct words, sentences, and make it more attractive and easily understandable for the reader.

  1. Review again

Now, review it again, maybe you think that why I review again, I already followed step 5. Yes, you reviewed it, but if you read it again after correction, maybe you find some more corrections, if not, then it’s okay you feel more comfortable and more confident.

  1. Publish

Finally, when you got this step, I would like to say congratulations! You nailed it! Now you are confident and when you publish your article in any magazine, newspaper, or on your own blog, your reader impressed with your writings.

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