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Why Play a Game? Does it helpful for our minds?

It’s not a difficult topic for game lovers. A game lover can talk and write the whole day about the advantages and disadvantages of the game. There are different types of games in this modern age, like Football, Cricket, Hockey, and video games are more popular these days.

Why Play Game?

Sometimes, we have nothing to do, then we play a game to keep the time up. We play games for our passions. We, humans, are passionate about the game, some people like football, some likes cricket, and some likes video games. We play a game for the prize, after winning the game we get a winning prize for our courage’s. We play games for our mind, we are learning a lot of things in the game how to get out from different situations. And during playing games, our mind is to be active, and present. We train our minds and acquire skills when playing games.


1.   Enhance the memory

2.   Improve Eyesight

3.   Improve Coordination

4.   Reduce Stress

5.   Make quick and better decisions

6.   Make an intelligent mind

7.   Improve Creativity

8.   Entertainment

The above are all the benefits to play a game. Some other games like; Football, Cricket, and hockey, etc. are helpful for physical fitness. Snookers and Golf are also good games for your mind setup. Chess is totally a mind game, it’s used like strategies you play in the game. It’s more popular for politics and for Kings.


Although, all of the above advantages, there are also some disadvantages to playing games, for that reason parents are worry about their kids. World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes gaming addiction as a mental health disorder. Below are some disadvantages:

1.   Changing the behavior and mind setup

2.   Due to spending more time on games, the academic performance should be poor

3.   It should affect eyesight

4.   Reduce concentration and memory

5.   Effect of radiations

6.   Lack of Social interaction

7.   Become Lazy and unfit

8.   Disturbed eating schedule

Hope that you enjoyed this amazing article about the game, a very popular topic ever. In this article, we introduced why to play a game and the advantages and disadvantages of playing games. Let’s meet at the next one.

Co-author: Adnan Ahmed

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