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How to become happier?

Everyone wants to live a happy life, but how to live a happy life and how to be happy at all times? We have to think about it, we have to plan things, and then we will be able to get some results. In this article, we will discuss what is happiness? Why we need happiness? We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of happiness, and we hope that you will enjoy this reading journey. Let’s dive into it.

What is Happiness?

Happiness is the physical, mental, and emotional state of well-being. Happiness is not something that happens to you but something you make happens. We have spent time on the physical through many posts on the daily habit of starting with a Protein Risk Shake and practicing Balanced Nutrition and a Healthy Active Lifestyle.

Why it’s important:

Happiness is important because it reduces stress, happiness makes you more generous, happiness increases productivity at work, happiness is tied to better heart health, and happiness can boost your immune system.

Short brief of Happiness: You need to take care of yourself first, if you are happy, then you will be able to take care of people who are near to you. In relationships, you need to understand the situation, and for a happy and healthy relationship give some time and space, try to understand the feeling and comfort level of other people. Most importantly take initiative and plan to go out with your partner and family to relax the mind.

Advantages of Happiness:

1. Happiness Reduces Stress:

When people get stressed their levels of the hormone cortisol go up. It causes health problems. These include high blood pressure, muscle weakness, and mood swings.

2. Happiness makes you more generous:

In a study published by the Journal of Happiness Studies, researchers asked one half of a 51 person group to remember the last time they spent $20 or $100 on something they wanted. The result showed that people felt happier when they recalled buying something for someone else.

3. Happiness increases productivity at work:

Based on research happy employees take fewer days of work, use fewer sick days, and can be 12% more productive. Happy people are also better at problem-solving which is a vital skill in the workplace.

4. Happiness is tied to better heart health:

It could lower your risk of heart diseases by 13-26%. In 2005 a paper showed that Happiness is a predictor for lower blood pressure and a lower heart rate. In 2008 researchers studied 76 patients who will suspect coronary artery diseases.

5. Happiness can boost your immune system:

There’s evidence that unhappiness and negative emotions can harm your health. Happiness has a positive effect on the immune system. In one study 350 volunteers were exposed to the cold virus over the next two weeks they recorded their positive emotions.

Disadvantages of Happiness:

1. Negative effect of Happiness:

Negative emotion makes people inflexible in the face of a new challenge.

2. Dark side of Happiness:

Happiness can have a dark side intensity, timing the pursuit of happiness and types of happiness.

3. Too much Happiness leads to sadness:

A higher degree of happiness is not always better and may actually be associated with undesirable and unintended outcomes when it exceeds a certain threshold.

4. Excessive Happiness Disorder:

Disorder extreme mood swings ranging from mania or extreme happiness, grandiosity, euphoria or irritability, or decreased need for sleep.

5. Consequences of Happiness:

Happiness has various effects. Persons considering themselves to be happy act differently in many life circumstances. The positive consequence of happiness has illustrated the case of health.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez from Unsplash

BONUS Points for YOU only:

Some points of Happiness:      

1. If your mind is full of peace you can easily achieve happiness.

2. Everybody wants to be happy, but only a few people get it.

3. Happiness protects your heart.

4. Happiness strengthens your immune system.

5. Happiness combats stress.

6. Happy people have fewer aches and pains.

7. Happiness combats diseases and disability.

8. Happiness lengthens our lives.

9. Happiness is a state of mind that reflects the positive and joyful mental of a person.

10. Those who can live in the moment, can become happy very easily.

10 Daily Life habits of happiness:

1. Smile

2. Exercise

3. Get plenty of sleep

4. Eat with the mood in mind

5. Be graceful

6. Give a compliment

7. Breathe deeply

8. Acknowledge the unhappy moment

9. Keep a journal

10. Face stress head-on

In this article, we touched on a lot of things, and hope that you enjoyed it, and this short effort will make a bright smile on your face, and you will live a happy life.

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