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How to treat people?

Do you want respect? How do you wish to be treated? With kindness? compassion? fairness? or honesty? Indeed, your answer will be “yes we need to be treated with all these values.” Because it gives us a sense of peace and well-being. In this article, we will discuss how to treat people? And how to be treated? If you know the way to treat people then they could be your best friend in the first meeting.

If you meet a person who has done lots of mistakes in the past then don’t criticize him but tell him suggestions to make his future bright from this way you can get his support. Everyone can’t do this only one can do this who knows how to talk to people and the way to treat them. Whenever you meet people listen to them if they are wrong then make them correct. While talking to people you should become their own. By this technique, you could be attracted by them.

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The Important Role:

However, it happens that someone has a lot of difficulties at this instant we should play a vital role by giving them a gift. Which gift do you recommend? The answer is the gift of kindness. If they are needy then become their helping hand. You should not only do this to those whom you like or know. But you should do this to those who think that you are crazy you cannot become great by making someone weak.

Remember that everyone has a story and every successful person has a painful story behind it. A painful story becomes the cause of success. Every day you meet different individuals and everyone has a role in your life, it might be big or small. Someone might have spent some time with you and someone might have made you hurt. So, at that time you also have a role in their lives. At this instant treat the person in a way from which you become the need.

A Popular Example:

There is a popular example that a group of university graduates came to visit their professor. In the beginning, they were talking on general topics but when the conversation turned to the topic of work, the graduates were started complaining about countless difficulties and problems of life. The professor went to the kitchen to get the coffee for his guests, and he came back with a coffee pot, and a tray filled with different types of cups like; porcelain, plastic, crystalline, and glass. A few of them were simple and others were expensive. When the graduates picked up the cups, the professor said:

Notice! How all the beautiful cups were picked out, and only the simples were left. Although it seems normal for you, you want only the best things for yourself, but this is the source of your problem and stress. You need to understand that the cup doesn’t make the coffee better. Most of the time it’s only more expensive, but sometimes it is hiding what we are drinking. In fact, all of you wanted was only the coffee, not the cup, but you consciously picked the best cups.

And now think and understand the value of life, like life is coffee, and jobs, money, corporate, position, and society are cups. They are only instruments for the maintenance and upkeep of life. The type of cups doesn’t determine the quality of our life. Sometimes, by concentrating only on jobs, money, corporate, position, and society, we forget to enjoy the taste of our life, we forget to enjoy the happiness of our life. The best teachers are those who don’t tell you how to get there but show the way. Finally, the authors want to say that appreciate those who supported you, forgive those who made you hurt and help those who need you. We hope that you enjoyed this little write-up.

Co-Author: Aftab Ahmed

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