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A comparison of Urban and Rural Life

In this article, we will discuss the lifestyle of the urban and rural areas, as the life people spend in cities and the life people spend in the villages. Some people like to live in cities, and some people are happy to move into rural areas. A lot of examples are available, the people are moving to the cities fast. But we could see it that people are moving from city to the rural area. Let’s discuss both.

Urban Life

In the urban areas like in big cities have a lot of facilities available, like school, hospital, electricity, transport, and gym, etc. The education and the health standard are well-organized.

The people are very helpful, honest, rich, active, and intelligent. Multiple universities are available, you can get admission to your favorite one. You can just take a single transport and enjoy the comfortable living with your own choice.

The people have to access the libraries, read books, to make a gym activity in the evening. They can go to the cinema center for entertainment.

A lot of business opportunities are available in the urban areas.

As most of the community is well-educated, so it should be easy to communicate with them, to understand their problem, and to communicate your ideas.

Also, cities are multiple problems like congestion of traffic, pollution in the air, and others.

Housing, rapid population growth, crime, and sanitation are enormous problems in urban areas.

The community needs to understand the problem, research the ideas, and find a sold solution to make the enjoyable life of the people.

You can meet new peoples. You can attend conferences, seminars, events, festivals, an excellent transportation system. And you can get all these facilities in the urban areas.

Rural Life

Photo by Felix Mittermeir on unsplash

In rural life, villagers are very simple, helpful, hard workers, and healthy.

Now the question is why they are healthy? Because they work all day and they eat natural foods like fresh fruits, natural vegetables, milk, and butter. All the natural things are easily available in rural areas. Because these things are corps almost in the rural areas, also all these items forwarded to the urban areas.

Some enormous problems like school, health facilities are very rare. Students of multiple villages have only one school, and it should be only a primary school. And if a village has a high school, facilitate that village considered a mini-city. Teachers and students came to the school after walking miles. In rural areas, they don’t the facility of a university. If they want to continue their education, they must go to the city to continue education towards the higher level. The electricity is also a big problem in cities, for that in the night, the students have the problem to study.

The rural areas have the infrastructure problems like roads, sewerage, internet, and libraries. Similarly, health is one of the enormous problems.

The people are very honest, faithful and very intelligent, and also helpful.

The wide area for playing and other activities, joint family system, no noisy system, all these things you can get in the rural areas.

In this article, we tried to touch the familiar things with an easy language to understand for everybody. The advantages and disadvantages of life in both urban and rural areas. We can keep all the good things with us. All the problems could be faced and solved without a struggle.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Please comment below on what you like in this and what you don’t like in our article. We will always welcome critical comments if they are to improve the writing.

Co-author: Adnan Ahmed

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