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Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin – A Biography

His full name was Charles Spencer Chaplin but he was famous as Charlie Chaplin. Charlie was born on April 16, 1889, at 8 pm in East Street, Walworth, London. A few days after his birth, his parents shifted to West Square, Street George’s Road, Lambeth. Things were going well. He lived a happy life, living in a three-room house. But then something happened. His father was a drinker, which led to the separation of his parents.

He didn’t even remember his father ever living with him. Even before he regained consciousness, his father had separated from his mother. His mother, his elder brother and he himself were the only three in the house. The mother had sued her husband to pay for the children. Their financial situation was deteriorating. They moved from three rooms to two rooms and then stayed in one room due to their worst financial situation. His mother was a singer.

But then all of a sudden his voice began to fade which is why he had to quit this job. Then she took a sewing machine and started working on it but then the situation got so bad that he could not deposit the installment on time of the sewing machine and the installment increased. After all, they couldn’t even have a sewing machine. The 10 shillings that his father had to give every week were also completely stopped.

When he was six years old, he was admitted to an orphanage school where he lived alone with children like himself. His elder brother attended the same school as his same-age children. And his mother lived in the Lambeth workhouse, a long way from school. He wrote in his autobiography:

“It was a happy day for him when his mother came to see him for the first time in almost two months.” He added: “Mother came with us to spend only a day with permission. We spent the whole day with mother. We went to the park that day, we bought some cherries and we sat on the park bench and ate them. That day we also ate cake and drank tea. And in the evening my mother left us back.”

One day he found out from the news that the court had ordered the two brothers to stay with their father. The two brothers then moved into their father’s house, where the room was too small for his elder brother to sleep on the sofa in the living room. His stepmother and stepbrother were also lived in the same house. The stepmother and his father drank heavily. Then a few days later he found out that his mother was no longer in the asylum, she had taken a room and now she had come to pick them up.

The two brothers then moved in with their mother. Things were starting to get better now. The weekly expenses from the father had started coming, and the mother had also started working. Now the mother’s health was better than before. His elder brother once gave him two pounds. He bought a book for those two pounds and spent it on musical arrangements.

He once had the opportunity to have a free trial week at Forester’s Music Hall. Where he performed very well, and slowly he grew up in the same field.

In 1909, it was the first time in his life that he had the opportunity to go to Paris for a performance. And he was very excited about that. He was rapidly emerging as a comedian. During that time he had an opportunity to play a role in an event in the United States. He went there and played the role of a comedian in various American cities. He was now a public figure. Now he had the money and settled down.

He was also an English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer. He was popular in silent films and until now he has the same popularity in silent films. His film “The Tramp” was very popular. He acted in a total of 80 films. In 1957, he made “The King in the New York” as his last movie. He bought a house in Switzerland and spent the rest of his life there. Charlie died in Switzerland on December 25, 1977. He was 88 years old at the time of his death. On March 1, 1978, a small group of Swiss people stole his body and demanded money from Charlie’s family.

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